PAX Tools for Caregivers

PAX Tools for Caregivers

What is PAX Tools for Caregivers?

PAX Tools for Caregivers is a workshop providing trauma-informed evidence-based behavioral strategies for all caregivers who support children in care. These strategies promote the development of self-regulation, reduce conflict, and improve relationships. Those who attend this workshop will also receive the materials they need to effectively use PAX Tools with young people in care.

About PAX Tools for Caregivers

This workshop consists of 2.5 content hours where participants learn how to implement eight evidence-based strategies in their everyday interactions with young people. Participants in this workshop will leave with all the skills and materials they need to start implementing PAX Tools strategies right away!

Resources for PAX Tools for Caregivers

Participants in this workshop will receive a PAX Toolset. This tool set consists of a number of items to support implementing PAX Tools in any setting. Participants can also attend monthly online PAX Tools Talks with PAX experts and users around the world.

PAX Tools for Caregivers

This training is offered upon request. If you have a group you would like to train, email us at to schedule a training.

This training is for: Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents, Kinship Care Providers or other Caregivers.  

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